We have 3 Vera Iconica Wellness Kitchen lines


Our most economical line is designed for production homebuilders and multi-family developers as an upgrade and differentiating product for the customers. Our design team supplies 3D models, renderings, and marketing plans, and supplies all pre-assembled components saving days in the project schedule.


Our high end line features customizable layouts, amenities, and materials. Our team works with designers and architects to ensure your design intent is executed beautifully while adding all your desired wellness features. Our team works directly with the contractor to ensure project timeline, budget, and installation are seamlessly coordinated for project success.


Our luxury Wellness Kitchen™ package includes the highest end materials, handmade craftsmanship, and state of the art features and appliances, all customized to optimize your personal lifestyle and daily habits. The package doesn’t stop at the design. We focus on the holistic experience of the installed kitchen. Therefore, this package also includes personalized diet recommendations and example recipe program determined by DNA nutrition science. We don’t just design a bespoke gathering place for the home, we support you in creating the lifestyle habits that turn mundane tasks into joyful rituals as your nourish not only the body, but your mind and soul.