Vera Iconica Wellness Kitchen™ at the WHIT home

Lake Nona, Orlando, Florida

- February 2019 -


We are delighted to announce our partnership with Lake Nona Institute in Orlando, Florida to show our Wellness Kitchen™ design in the WHIT home. WHIT is a smart home made brilliant. It’s a wellness home built on innovation and technology, with every detail designed to inspire a healthier life. With wellness all around you, WHIT helps turn your best intentions into positive actions.  You can sleep, breathe and eat your way to healthier life.


Areas of innovation in the whit kitchen

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Our Partners in the whit kitchen PROJECT



WHIT in the news . . .

“It is our mission to use WHIT as a tool to continuously redefine wellness, healthcare and quality of life from inside the home,” said Gloria A. Caulfield, Executive Director of the Lake Nona Institute. “We want to provide solutions that address everyday needs and empower people to be their healthiest self by easily turning intentions into positive actions in a comfortable and collaborative environment. What’s exciting is that WHIT represents the first collaborative home environment created as a living lab for all of us to continuously study and evolve the solutions. For many, this provides unprecedented opportunity to explore possible collaborations across industry and product type – entrepreneurs connecting with major international corporations connecting with academic institutions – all in an effort to transform our home into the healthy haven it should be.”
— Gloria A. Caulfield, Executive Director of the Lake Nona Institute